Hire, Train & Deploy

Hire, Train & Deploy

“Hire-Train-Deploy” is a game changing unique recruitment partnership model offered by Mytech. The model is changing the way organizations are looking at contingent hiring. The model is enlighten by the leading customers and has resulted in benefiting them through cost cutting on recruitment, training and shadow cost. It encompasses a comprehensive approach and offers ready to deploy qualified resources in the niche technology areas based on client forecast. The model is fully customized to the customer expectation and needs.
Industry recognizes that the resources out of training institutes and academies are still required to train heavily to meet the real-time requirements, and the challenge only grows when it comes to hiring the critical technical resources. It aims to bridge the gap through intensive training of resources before the customer deployment.

Business Benefits of HTD

  • Client incurs zero overhead cost towards resource identification & development such as recruitment, training, training infrastructure & shadow (bench) cost.
  • Increase in efficiency and better control
  • Increase in staff utilization.
  • Reduction in attrition.
  • Increased time to market services & solutions
  • Training & Improvement – Pilot Train & deploy program initiated in a SAP Major Account. Capabilities in training on storage admin skills, SAP basis,. Ready to go in house training at HO on Infra Skills
  • Talent Acquisition Team – We have very strong recruitment professionals, with many years of staffing industry experience. The team consists of Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Team Leads, Recruiters & Technical Screening team
  • Sourcing Methodologies – Campus hiring, Virtual Bench, Newspaper Ad, Job Portals are the channels used. Quick TAT, low attrition rate on the contingent staff competitive rates, 24/7 support, stringent validation and BG Process to ensure quality of services. Support multi skills and multi domains, capability to provide internal resources are some of the differentiating factors
  • Talent Retention – Employees are exposed to work on different domains with different clients. They are made to attend workshops & corporate training programs. Employee recognition, Attractive investor plan, Top talents being awarded/rewarded based on their performance, active utilization of right talent. Attrition rate of company staffing is 20%
    Process Best Practices – Flexible engagement model, Customer Centric Delivery model, Ability to tend internal IT staff, Proven expertise & methodology, Dedicated IT applications Development/Testing Firm, Agile & Rigor Methodology and Stringent Technical/HR validation


    We have unrivalled knowledge at senior level due to over 15+ years experience in services. !